Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Aleesya Life with Soother - Now soother free while sleep!

As salam...

Hi.. Soother?? a.k.a kopek @ puting @ pacifier...
kitorg panggil soother, tgk kat label masa beli pacifier tu SOOTHER terus sebut ni sbb mcm sedap je dapi KOPEK..hahaha

Ok, my first baby Aleesya using soother since she's turn 2 months.
That time, just give the soother from anakku brand (actually, this one free set beli dgn bottles - so, mmg agak besar) We didn't expect to give our baby to use the soother, coz we all know it's not really good rite.
But, 1st baby kan..not enough ilmu di dada, lack of guidance, mami also don't have many friends with baby.
Baby keep crying all time..so? sumbat soother yg ade. SENYAP! hehehe...
Jadi, bila dah tau die memerlukan soother, mami n dedi find a suitable soother for our lil baby.
mulut baby kecik je kan..
Daddy straight away go to Jusco alone..
and finally he managed to find soother brand AVENT size for 0-3months. Great!

Sampai ke besar la pulak Aleesya cannot berpisah dgn soother while she want to sleep.
Time to sleep je, she want soother. bila x dapat mmg mengamuk2..nangis bagai~huh!
Soother avent tu utk size 0-3month je.tp lanyak guna sampai 1yr++
Adoiyai...x berselera tgk soother tu, bila tukar bagi lain, die xnak.
Avent soother 0-3months... got 2, yellow & white
Nasib la beli 2 sekali. Boleh la tukar2..
Tp, payahnye if we're going somewhere and left the soother!
Aleesya mengamuk la time nak sleep.
Jadi, bila perasan je tertinggal, we make a U-turn semata2 kerana soother! :(

Disebabkan soother avent tu dah lama sgt, nampak mcm berkulat2 sudah,
we decided to change to a new one.
tp Aleesya mmg xnk yg lain.
 End of december 2011, kitorg cuba ambil soother from my SIL - actually ni pun soother for my SIL newborn baby.
Aleesya TAK NAK!
pujuk punya pujuk..i told her the old soother gone.
die isap je yg baru ni, kejap2 die keluarkan tgk lain..tgk ade pic toon lagi tau!
tp..lama2 ok. die nak jugak! :)

Soother from SIL
 Soother with pic toon ni agak besar sikit..
Mummy daddy takut gigi aleesya x cantik..
so, we decided to tukar lagi..
In the middle of Jan2012, mummy bg MAM soother - yg ni orthodentic, so selamat sikit utk gigi kan..
mmg design pun nipis je tang gigi tu. (ni beli utk baby aneesa time baby expo 2011 at midvalley)
Aleesya TAK NAK!
Pujuk..pujuk...pujuk...lagi dan lagi..
Ok, lama2 die accept.
mmg mencabar!

Penat sgt kena pujuk..last2 tertido jugak..
 Sampai bila nak guna soother ni..
Susah nyer nak pisahkan..

Senyum lebar pun x nampak sebab diselindungi soother!
 Jadi, Mummy daddy berusaha..dan terus berusaha untuk pisahkan Aleesya n soother.

Daddy: " Aleesya...take the soother on table"
Aleesya: "hah??"
Daddy: "take the soother and throw into rubbish please..."
Aleesya: "Ok daddy.." terus ambil soother and buang dlm tong sampah at the kitchen..

WOW! tak sangka..
Now, almost a month she sleep without soother..
bila die teringat je soother.
Mummy/ Daddy: "Aleesya dah throw rubbish rite???mmy ddy xtau.."

Selamat sudah! Sekian.. hehehe..

2 comments on "Aleesya Life with Soother - Now soother free while sleep!"

Dulu Gadis, Kini Mama on 21 March 2012 at 14:25 said...

oh,sama puting dgn syaurah yg first tu!hehe

Mummy GreenyHouse on 22 March 2012 at 08:18 said...

hehe..syaurah pun pkai puting ye.
ha'ah..puting avent tu mmg mcm best sikit dari yg lain. Aleesya guna almost 2years, tp teeth n gum die mcm tidak kelihatan rosak @ jongang, nasib baik..hahah. then, lps tu x beli lg avent yg sama sbb kena beli 2 sekali kan, byk la pulak.. :p so, stop using it is better.. :)

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