Monday, 19 March 2012

Family weekend - Ronald McDonald Show!

 As salam...

Hi! I'm sure u all excited with the weekends to spend time with family rite?!
Yup, same goes to us.. bring our lil' princess side seeing, make them happy, spending time together and give them the best memorable moment...~♥

So, yesterday our activity filled! (Huh! coz sometimes we just stick at home.. -_-'~)
We went to McDonald to see RONALD! (yeay!!! mummy daddy yg paling excited jugak, coz kecik2 x dpt jumpa Ronald live - nmpak yg patung je..haha) - Aleesya takut dgn Ronald!! 
Aleesya mmg pemalu..asyik berkepit je.So, kitorg mmg kena bwk die gi jalan2 activity camni.
Hope she will be more independant.. :)

Aleesya dapat goody bag McD - dapat 3 tau..special guest!

Org lain sibuk tgk gelagat Ronald, Aleesya excited duk main puzzle n sticker!

Budak2 happy - Aleesya?? berkepit! ajak join friends ramai2 belum nak~enjin x panas lagi..

Wah3...daddy main game! Kalah yer - daddy kate saje je buat2 kalah.huhu.. ye lah!

Kalah menang adiah sama je..lalala

Inilah hadiahnya! - poskad dgn autograph Ronald! ok  la ni! :p

Kami...~ hari ni pinky! Uniform green kaler x lengkap lagi.. ;p

Aleesya with Uncle Fakhri - Uncle yg jemput Aleesya dtg McD!

"tQ uncle fakhri coz buy me an ice cream and invite us!" - ice cream free~ mmy nak sikit!hahah..mengamuk mmy jilat ice cream die byk2. ;p

Cian baby Aneesa keletihan..huu (-_-)zZz~

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