Thursday, 8 March 2012

3rd Maternity & Children Expo 2012

As salam...

Hi.. this 9-11th March there is 3rd Maternity & Children Expo 2012 at MidValley Exhibition Center (MVEC).
Saya sgt la excited! before ni Mom & Baby expo at KLCC 24-26th Feb tak dpt pegi atas sebab2 tertentu..
SO, kali ni sgt la bersemangat. Tapi poketku tak berapa nak semangat sangat..cane?????!

Hmmm.. inyaAllah, akan redah jugak.hihi... :p

Let's go mommies!!!
it's really great! sure you will grab something.. *coz so many things for mummy LIKE!

Now, sedang berjimat-cermat nak berSHOPPING disana..
Last time when I was there, I spend more than RM500++ (!this 500 after I menahan nafsu to grab many thing!!!)
And that time I was at my 36 weeks 3 day pregnancy, so I have not so much energy to round and round for shopping (very a lot of peoples..cannot move so much with big tummies!hahaha..)
This pic was taken...with Dynas Mokhtar at Mom Little Ones booth (Dynas Nursing Attire really nice!)
See this pic!!!! I'm very chubby at my pregnancy 36wk ++..(tertalu ketara coz ambil gambar ngn mummy yg sgt cun+tinggi) and i'm really short (till Dynas terpaksa merendahkan dirinya supaya masuk dlm frame sy! haha sorry ya!)

Miss this moment!
Ok..till we meet again at MVEC.

2 comments on "3rd Maternity & Children Expo 2012"

aTy _faRed~ on 8 March 2012 at 17:56 said...

insyaallah jumpe kat sane..kalau rase2 kenal tu tegur lar ek..:)

Mummy GreenyHouse on 15 March 2012 at 12:21 said... jugak sabtu pg tu. amatlah keramaian sgt! ramai sgt..kalau trserempak pun sy x sempat nk tegur..

booth sikit je, x seperti yg dijangkakan kan.. so, xde beli ape yg diinginkan. mayb sbb dh ade yg klcc baru2 ni.

xpe, kite tggu bulan mei punya! serbuuu lagi...~ :)

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