Monday, 5 March 2012

JUSCO - Cutest Baby in RED!

As salam...

Hi... more contest! i LIKE..~♥
more about pictures..yes! Mr. & Mrs. GreenyHouse like photography much. So, wouldn't missed this contest..(moreover, Jusco is like our 2nd house..hahaha. Shopping memanjang - layout Jusco pun dah hafal! :p) oh ya..this contest for J-CARD members only. So, if u all selalu shopping JJ, haruslah ade J-card kan..huu :p bout this contest by JUSCO - the contest period has been EXTENDED 20 Feb - 13 March 2012! (before this till 4 March je.. ☻)
Is ur baby less than 24months old??? So...what u're waiting for? Let's JOIN!

To get this form, click below promo pic...☺

I already submit mine! Yeay...if ada rezeki, Alhamdulillah... :)

But, bukan main jenuh nak photo shoot babies or kids right???? to get the smile, life of picture, etc... (time baby tengah senyum, x sempat nak ambil pulak kan.. :p)
Selain tu, si kakak (aleesya) ni mmg pantang tgk daddy holding the camera..she excited to give the post! (huh...this time aleesya cannot join la syg...u are more than 24months already..ksian die.. :p)
it's ok dear... kitorang mmg biasa ambil pic both our kiddies together...~♥

This is some of the moment for the photo shoot...

"I love u baby!" hugs baby tak ingat adik die kecik lagi..adoiyai, cian aneesa terpenyek! :p
Mengamuk coz mummy take baby aneesa away - aneesa crying coz kakak hugs kuat sgt..haha :D

Aleesya mmg suka manja2..time nak manja, mmg manja sgt :)
Hah! jom la join...
Masih sempat lagi ni. :)

1 comments on "JUSCO - Cutest Baby in RED!"

C'Jai on 10 September 2012 at 22:32 said...

kiut la bebudak 2 orang ni...cubit pipi kang..nasib baik jauh..heeee..

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