Friday, 2 March 2012


As salam... of my hobby is to ENTER any contest (coz sgt teruja dgn some of the hadiah kan..tentulah!)
Sometimes, i just collect the contest form (downloading, take from supermarket, shopping complex, newspaper, etc..) but somehow i just missed the closing date! adeehhhh... (my hubby always ask me back - "nak pakai lg ke borang ni???" 1 bundle contest form main letak sana sini kan mummy ni! :p) sorry!

This time quite interesting contest for family, by mumdreams.. (i like mumdreams..those who have baby, breastfeeding, will know this name better..~♥)


Sorry all... sy x sempat nak promote this contest before the closing date. I'm also the last minute contestant! :p
I thought to ajak you all masuk ramai2.. tp tgk jam sudah 1130pm@29Feb, x sempat lorr..

Best kan GRAND PRIZE!!! :) 
but, the contest based on voting... huhu..i've less friend list to promote my entries. So, pls HELP VOTE mine ok...pls..pls.. (^_^)

For voting:
(1) you all need to like the FB page mumdreams first. [click here]
(2) Click like button for photo entries #100 & #101 in mumdreams fb page album FAMILY POTRAIT CONTEST - HAPPY MOMENT WITH BABY/BABIES
click at below pictures (auto link to fb photo) and like there. (contestant #100 & #101)

Sekian, Terima Kasih pada anda semua... :)

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