Saturday, 24 March 2012

Today activity??

As salam...

Today is saturday, welcome dear weekend!
For sure u all dah get ready to spend time with family di hari cuti kan! :)
Today mcm mls je nk jalan2. Ngantuk x habis lagi...uwarrghhhh (o_0)
Aleesya tido.. Daddy pun tido afer lunch n solat zohor. Tinggal la mummy golek2 dgn baby aneesa kat dalam bilik..(tunggu si kecik ni lelap, pasti mummy tumpang lelap sekali..hahaha)

Pagi tadi we all went to Geng Corner upin ipin for breakfast, then straight away go to wet market (daddy buy fishes n veggie), singgah jap to Giant to buy diapers and groceries.
I think, thats all our activity today..hihi
Yg lain.. Memerap dlm rumah je la kot hari ni. Esok if semangat nak jalan2 sudah tiba, kita jalan! :p

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